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  • Leave Your Lenses Smear Free and Sparkling

    The Hama Lens Cleaning Pen does away with solvents, harsh cleaning products and messy lens tissues which can leave ugly and problematic smears that ruin the photo quality. Just use the soft, natural bristles of the retractable brush to dust away any large dirt or dust particles and the special 100 per cent safe cleaning agent does the rest.

    As you clean the special tip of the Hama Lens Cleaning Pen flexes as it follows the contours of the lens, allowing the gentle removal of grime that has accumulated in the hard to reach places. In addition, by applying gentle pressure on the lens and by brushing in gentle circular motions with the special velvet cleaning pad the Hama Lens Cleaning Pen removes any fingerprints or smudges in seconds.

    Besides protecting the brush, the cap also replenishes the brush tip with Hama cleaning compound each time it is replaced and twisted. Hama Lens Cleaning Pen is safe for all types of video, photo and binocular lenses, including multi-coated, though is specially designed for lenses and eyepieces with a small diameter. It's a non-fluid cleaning agent, non-toxic and cannot dry out so you can have a long-lasting reliable method of cleaning your camera lens without risk of causing more damage than good, all contained in a conveniently sized, compact pen.

What's in the Box

  • 1 lens pen

Note for Consumers

Please note the following when using the lens pen: 
1. Push the brush forward out of the protection chamber using the red slide. Remove the dust particles using the lens brush. 
2. Remove the opposite cap. Slowly remove the dirt using the special velvet in short circular movements. After use, re-attach the cap and rotate it once - this will activate the fibers. 
3. For difficult to remove dirt, breathe on the lenses and repeat procedure. 

Not suitable for cleaning camera mirrors. The lens pen is only suitable for small optical surfaces.


2 years legal warranty only

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