Digi-Power 7.4v/1400mzh Canon BP511


Digi-Power 7.4v/1400mzh Canon BP511

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  • The last thing you want when out on an adventure is for the battery to go dead on your camera, with no chance to re-charge until you get home that night, missing the rest of the days amazing photos. This problem is easily eliminated by always having a back up battery available to you so you never get caught short by lack of power. 

    Most camera bags have a compartment for your spare battery which takes up very little space. Having a spare battery available can make the difference between a ruined day and capturing the most breathtaking view you have ever seen. 

    This re-chargeable battery is compatible with a wide range of Canon cameras. Cameras allow us to keep a memory with us forever, to remember a great day in vivid colours and perfect clarity. You never need miss a moment because of a flashing red light telling you your battery is about to go; make sure that you are always prepared with a charged spare battery.

    Take full advantage of the vast amount of technology available to you by having all your bases covered before embarking on an adventure. After a long day of capturing magic you may run out of battery but your camera doesn’t have to!
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