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Photo Albums or keep them Stored on Your Computer or Phone. What to Do?

Have you ever stopped and thought where are all my photos? ye on my phone/computer of course what happens when were at the next "Best gig ever" or the video of my Beautiful Boys first Steps and your out of Space.


The temptation to re-hash through some of the photos and start multiple deleting sprees is hard to resist, we like to have memmories of the here and now to capture these un-missable memories but in  Years,a Months,a weeks time we feel its ok to wipe them off because something more current has come along fighting for the same space.

Why do we put ourselves through this only to realise, that was the only photo we had of that holiday or of the inlaws birthday?

The way I like to think about it is, a photo dosent become a photo till I print it. We take a picture with our camera or phone it then gets stored and becomes an image. Yes we can go back and look at how stunning we look or not on a regualr basis but how many times have we heard of the horror story of the phone fell in the loo and everything was gone or dropped  the camera on a night out and all was wiped or simply lost the sd card, Too often is the answer sadly.

Dont get me wrong the way tech is going is great and we can get more photos and share them better than ever, before but how many of us take the time to print them and make them Photos. Into something we can look back on for years and maybe even get to use them to embarass our sons daughthers on the 21st Birthdaay or wedding day He He..


I strongly encourage you to pick a night where your stuck watching her favourite movie or unable to leave as match of the day is on because this is the balance of marrage that you watch this bore.

Grab a drink sit back and relax go through the phone files or Laptop and select photos that spark a glimmer of a memory, there the ones worth keeping and the ones that make you burst into giggles can compete for the cover photo of this album titled "About Time" or what ever you find fitting.


If you are someone who has taken the plunge and gets your photos printed or does a little bit of home printing but find yourself now in a room of photos see note above and organise.Simply of course no one likes a chore get yourself 4 boxes 1. The Kids/Nights Out 2. Before Kids/Pets 3.Family  4. Random days/Things

When you have this done you can tell by the qauntity in each box do you need a dedicated album for each or if you can combine some to save some money, Special tip tho Leave some room in Albums for the next set of Photos more kIds or Back to Nights out depending how lucky you are.

Then its upto you if you want straight corners or freestyle design on the inside youve done the hard part so now just enjoy putting them in.

The day will come when you go " You know what, Im gonna have a look back at them with a bottle of '72 " I'll pretend i know what im taking about there for a minute with wine im a complete no knowlegede wine buff as you can tell.


When chossing the album to put them in you've 2 choices slipin photos style or traditional this just means pages that you have to stick photos in and position them. slip in easier traditional is more Personal most good Quality Photo Albums now have memo spaces so you can add dates and people in photo details.

Design wise go for what suits your style theses Albums are largly inexspensive and can add a great deal of fun and colour to your book shelf.


We are always here to help with any questions or thoughts, stay tunned for our next post  discussing the process in Making a picture frame by hand Start to finish.


Happy Memories

Mr. Photo


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